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IPS Administration specialise in providing Temporary Workers with highly efficient payroll and payment solutions.

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Why choose us?

Since first established in 2004 we have developed to become the prefered choice for many Temporary Workers .  

Our solutions provide diverse and highly efficient payment services to the temporary workforce.  We strive to offer the maximum efficiency and professional service as you expect from a long estabilshed organisation, whilst continuing our tailored and friendly approach.  

Our experience

Being part of IPS Administration means that you have all the advantages of subcontracting with a company that has a combined experience of over 60 years in the industry.  We can process all your administration requirements leaving you to concentrate on the job in hand.  

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The benefits

  • CIS self-employed payment solution Ideal for candidates working within HMRC's Construction Industry Scheme
  • Self-employed be engaged as a self employed consultant
  • No responsibility for running a limited company
  • No commitment no long term commitment required
  • No time wasted on raising or chasing invoices
  • Secure work with clients who require a limited company

IPS Administration have previously and will continue to place compliance at the top of our agenda.

We are confident our clear information and helpful support will be a great benefit to you. Over the past few years IPS Administration has transformed into a risk mitigation solution. Using highly resepected legal advisors and robust processes, we help to reduce concerns over consistently evolving legisation and regulations faced by temporary workers.


How much can you save?

To help decide which of our solutions may best suit you, please fill in the details below. For a more detailed personalised illustration, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.



Will I get a text message when I'm paid?

Yes, an SMS message is sent to your mobile once a payment has been confirmed. It may take up to two hours to reach your bank account.

How do I get paid?

On receipt of your timesheet or invoicing instruction, we will invoice the client for the time you have worked. Once payment arrives the necessary deductions will be made then a balance will be transferred to your account. We make payment via APACS Faster payments to credit your account within two hours.

What should I do with my timesheets?

You are required to send your timesheets to your Client as normal and they will then inform us of your hours. In the event that you are asked to send them directly to us, you can phone them in, fax them or email them to us.

When do I get paid?

We run payments every day of the week, except for UK Bank holidays. Your payment is processed on the day we receive the funds from the client.

What happens if I source work through more than one client?

Just let us know who you are working with. IPS Administration can help with most contract or temporary assignments.

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