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Umbrella PAYE

As an employee of IPS Umbrella Ltd, you fill out your timesheet and expense claim form and leave the rest to us.

IPS Umbrella Limited provides a leading UK PAYE umbrella service to help contractors, locums and temporary workers increase their income compared to standard PAYE employment, without the hassle of self-employment or becoming a director of your own limited company.

Freelancer Working from Home
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Using IPS Umbrella has many advantages over being employed directly under an agency PAYE scheme. 


As temporary contracts may come and go, your employment may only last a few weeks.  Employment with IPS Umbrella lasts as long as you are contracting.  Lenders and other credit services appreciate this continuity of employment.

Whilst offering your services as a temporary contractor, you may find short-term work through several different clients.  As IPS Umbrella is your employer, your personal tax code is with us.  Therefore, regardless of which contract you are working on, your tax code and allowance is applied to all of your payments.

How much does it cost to use IPS Umbrella?
Give us a call

Our margin varies from as little as £5 per week to £20 per week.  As you would expect, there is no cost to join us, leave the service, or process expenses; and if you are not working, we do not retain any margin.

As one of the UK's leading PAYE umbrella service providers, contact us today for further information regarding the benefits of using IPS Umbrella.

What our clients think of us

Chris Card: MD

Excellent Professional Service with helpful friendly personnel, Knowledgeable advice always to hand.

Gregory: Trade Worker

IPS Umbrella's service is outstanding in every area of the services they provide, as a self-employed trades worker for almost four years with several payroll companies, IPS is the best pay role company I have ever known. They pay my money on time, provide good customer service listen to my concerns and resolve them without any inconvenience. IPS is the only pay role company I recommend and it never disappoints. Good company!!!

Andy: Senior Consultant

We have now been using IPS for more than one year, they have a confirmed place on our proffered umbrella service companies list that we pass to all contractors who are exploring alternate services or moving away from PAYE for the very first time.

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